Monday, 22 November 2010

Sunday fresh air and an interested wife!!!

Fairhaven Lake - 21/11/2010

Just remembered at 22:00 tonight that I took a few photographs over the weekend while myself and my heavily pregnant wife Liz went out for a walk.  We currently can't go far as Liz is ...well, basically due any day to be honest, so was surprised to hear her ask me to go show her the Waxwings while we were on our way to her Mum's for Sunday Roast (you gotta love a free home cooked roast haven't you!!!).  On our way I decided we should head to Fairhaven Lake for a few reasons.

1.  We needed a bloody good walk
2.  Take some photographs of the coast
3.  I hate being stuck indoors

One thing made me smile, that was the female Goldeneye that was diving for food non stop and was luckily able to get a decent enough shot (below) and one thing made me annoyed.  That being that in the discovery centre on Fairhaven Lake there was a photograph of Waxwings that wait for it.... had been taken right round the corner from my house.... I mean come on, why had I not checked this earlier and then I could of saved myself a 30 mile round trip to Preston to see them.

Goldeneye @ Fairhaven Lake

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