Thursday, 20 January 2011

Linnet, Twite, Linnet, Twite...what will it be.

Well after a slow week at work (it's still slow even though it's now Thursday) and not much going on around the Preston area, the local wildlife had decided to come to me.  So much so that even walking out into the works car part at 4pm to get in my car and drive home to see my 2 girls, I caught sight of a flock of  finch sized birds.  Problem now is identifying them, you see with a bird of such size maybe Robin sized or slightly smaller it's not particularly easy to ID when the light is fading.  So with camera and binoculars in hand I creeped over to the trees were they had settled in.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Baby Briony's first watch with her Dad... and what a good watch!!!

After my first 3 days back at work since my paternity leave and Christmas, I decided that I must head out over the weekend and do a bit of wildlife watching but this time with my new baby daughter.  Seeing that Liz had asked my Mum if she wanted to go to a card making demonstration (my wife is very creative!!!) it was down to me to have Briony on my own for a few hours.  Therefore I decided to get her all wrapped up warm in her car seat, get the pram and all changing facilities into the car and head off around the Fylde Coast.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Was it a Goldcrest!?

Well seeing as since my beautiful baby has been born I have not had much chance to get out and about with a bit of spotting, watching or whatever you call it.  Therefore garden watching has been the order of the past 4 weeks.

Therefore one morning while once again making a mass of tea and coffee for family and friends visiting, I was peering out of the kitchen window checking to see what was on the feeders when I saw something tiny flitting around on the small blossom tree we have in the garden.  Was it a Blue Tit? nope not colourful enough or any blue tinge to the feathers, was it a Wren? nope as not that brown to look at.  It definitely had a slight green tinge to the feathers, quickly I ran upstairs to grab my binoculars, while everyone waited for a piping hot brew and panic set in as I couldn't find them!!!!  Therefore next to find was my camera, surely the 300mm lens would be able to assist in identifying what I was seeing.