Monday, 13 December 2010

My first born is here and SHE is AMAZING!!!

Yes, myself and Liz have had a baby girl and we are both absolutely over the moon!!!

This is the obvious reason why I have not been out and about since my last post as we were booked in for a C section on December 6th at 7:15am but we did not go down to theatre till around 1pm and believe me the waiting around made Liz and myself even more anxious.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Preston Redshanks and Mergansers

Seeing that I'd spent the last 2 weeks on the River Ribble during my lunch, I thought I would have a change, so I went the other way down the River Ribble LOL. I'd been driving myself mad by returning to the same spot for the last 2 weeks just to capture a shot of the Kingfisher I keep catching sight of. So to take my mind off this I headed to the opposite end of the Ribble which took me to Holme Road Allotments which has a great vantage point over the River, plus numerous trees in small wooded areas that has obviously attracted a lot in the past, due to most of the berries being decimated.