Monday, 13 December 2010

My first born is here and SHE is AMAZING!!!

Yes, myself and Liz have had a baby girl and we are both absolutely over the moon!!!

This is the obvious reason why I have not been out and about since my last post as we were booked in for a C section on December 6th at 7:15am but we did not go down to theatre till around 1pm and believe me the waiting around made Liz and myself even more anxious.

Eventually we were taken down to theatre and at 15:33 on December 6th, Briony was born.  Now am not just saying this as I'm her Dad but even the women in the theatre were saying she was one of the most adorable babies they had seen (I didn't pay them to say that!!!) and to be honest I cant disagree with them, she is absolutely beautiful, just look below.

Liz and Briony
So as you can see I have a lot on my plate at the moment, plus with Liz having a C section there is not much she can do for the next 6 weeks.  Therefore I have had to be off work until next year... GUTTED hahahaha!!!  I will get some opportunities to get out and about and when I do I promise to post on my blog, or it will be a lot of garden wildlife watching with my baby daughter.


  1. A little baby - how fantastic!! Well done that man!!

    Congratulations Neil to you & your wife on the birth of baby Briony, as you say, she's gorgeous.
    & just remember, when she's keeping you both awake crying through the night, that the first 20 years are the worst ;-)
    Just kidding of course, big congrats.


  2. Thanks gents I really appreciate your words. Looking forward to the first trip out with her I can assure you of that.