Monday, 22 November 2010

The first post of many.... and WAXWINGS galore!!

Well here it is, the first post of hopefully many and one that I am quite happy about, all due to the fact that I have been into wildlife for god, must be nearly 30 years and last week I finally saw my first Waxwings. And not just a few but at least 150+, all thanks to some great info over at and a mate at work telling me he had planted eyes on them. This then resulted in breaking the law by driving over the speed limit to fit them in before my lunch break ended at work.

Was happy as a pig in the brown stuff, when I saw Eric waving me over to a flock of around 50 Waxwings going hell for leather on a Rowan tree, taking their fill and then flying up high to another tree to digest. I fired off a few shots with the camera and 300mm lens and possibly got 1 or 2 shots to use (maybe below maybe not!). Was surprised not to see the usual masses of hardcore birders firing off endless shots with ridiculously large camera lenses but from what I read they were all there earlier than me LOL.

All in all for a 10 minute viewing it was a great chance to see these beautiful birds and hope to see them a lot more often over Autumn/Winter. In fact read my later posts and you will see that I have seen them quite a few more times, plus missed them closer to home!!!

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