Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Diazepam and attempting to watch.

As per my previous entry regarding my injured back from moving a large couch into my house, it's no better.  4 days and counting and one visit to the walk in centre in Blackpool later, I am dosed on Diazepam and Ibuprofen.  Doc informed me not to sit around but to keep my back in motion, even though he asked me to lie on the bed in the surgery, to which I found impossible I then thought how am I suppose to keep it in motion when my stomach is currently curved inwards towards my back and am still walking like I have had an accident in my jeans.  5 minutes later I was told "bruised muscle which is now in spasm" SPASM!!! is that what you call this unbearable pain.

So not one to sit about and moan (surprising I know) myself and Liz headed off to Fleetwood Boating Lake to see if I could catch sight of the juvenile Great Northern Diver that has been around for the past few weeks.  Searching over both lakes it looks like it's decided to bugger off to a better site, once again proving to me not to leave it till the last minute to catch site of something that is not usually seen around my local area.  Not one to be massively disappointed, I continued to search around each lake and was happy to see a flock of around 15-20 Redshanks shelter on the island (see below), 2 Goldeneyes (1 M, 1 F) and 5 Red Breasted Mergansers (2 M, 3 F).

Redshanks - Fleetwood Boating Lake

Moving to the next lake (this was all in the car by the way, I ignored Docs orders).  We saw at least 8 Mute Swans and masses of Black Headed Gulls and also around 10 Turnstone's within the flock of Swans and Gulls pecking away on the grass.  I could not resist the opportunity of getting a really close up image of these little waders and no sooner was I about to press the shutter button when some wench (excuse the explanation) decided it would be a great idea to through a LOAF OF BREAD at them!!! Great cheers love you may of just ruined my chance of Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011 hahahaha I joke!!!

Anyway, to say I was in complete pain and still am, it was nice to get out the house into the clear but cold air.  Hoping this clear weather stays around, the cold does not bother me when its clear but if we get this snow that's happening on the East coast I will not be impressed... WHY!? I hear you shout, well its babies due date this Friday and I do not want to be driving Liz to the hospital in treacherous conditions!!!  Yep baby is getting closer each and every day!!!

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