Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Strike two on the Kingfisher!!!

After a hard slog of a morning in the office, (any work colleagues reading this don't try and be funny!!!) decided it would be best to once again get some good ole fresh air during my lunch break.  Luckily for me there is a fair few areas around Preston Docklands to go for a decent enough walk and as from previous posts you will probably notice I spend a lot of these breaks on the River Ribble close to Nelson Way.  

This time I did not forget the camera but with the sun glaring and not the correct sized polariser for my telephoto lens, it wasn't that easy to get any shots unless the subject was towards the docks and not towards the estuary.

So with camera in hand and binoculars in pocket I headed down the Ribble. I was hoping to get some shots of the Bullfinches as the bright clear day would of been perfect if they were in the exact same spot as yesterday but no sign of them whatsoever. To be honest it was quiet all round, not much to see at all.

Therefore decided to head back but sat on the bank and chilled out for a while. It was no sooner than I'd put my camera bag down that I noticed something flying close to the bank and low over the water, it was the unmistakable silhouette of a Kingfisher. This is now the second time I have seen this bird (possibly not the same one) in exactly the same spot, well at least heading to the same spot. I headed down to where I saw it land to see if I could get a decent shot but could only hear it. So back to the area I was earlier to see if it flew back and then I could get a silhouette shot of it flying over the river. Nothing, I had to get back to work, so no chance of a shot today.

I will succeed in getting a decent shot of this Kingfisher... I WILL I TELL YOU!!!!

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