Monday, 22 November 2010

Bullfinches...are they becoming commoners!?

Ribble Docklands - 22nd November 2010

Strange title I know but hey in all my time of having an interest in birds, I have seen Bullfinches only 4 times and that 4th time came today.

While on a lunch break from work I decided to head towards Nelson Way at the top of the Docks in Preston. Spend most lunch breaks around there either having a kip or reading but on this occasion because it was quiet and the weather was decent I decided on a walk down the River Ribble. The usual suspects were about with migratory Redwings and Long Tailed Tits skitting around in the trees looking for as many bugs to stuff their little faces with. While watching the Long Tails I noticed what at first I thought was a Chaffinch and then thought no chance as there never that bright, quick look through the binoculars proved that there was both a male and female Bullfinch within the trees.

Now don't get me wrong I can imagine most people out there will say "Meh, its just a Bullfinch" but like I said in my 30 years of watching British Wildlife I have only seen these birds 4 times and this is only the 2nd time in Lancashire within a year. Maybe this is a resurgence or a takeover!!! An army of heavy headed Bullfinches to battle skittish quick Goldfinches... I'll stop there.

Other noticeable sightings: 10 Black Tailed Godwits, 2 Grey Herons.


  1. Well done spotting the Bullfinch Neil - I've never seen any around Blackpool(not enough woodland) but have heard reports of them from Preston previously. Mere sands Wood & Leighton Moss tend to be pretty good for 'em though, especially the former. I wouldn't mind a look at your docklands ones sometime.



  2. Hey Cliff nice to see you on here, thanks!!!

    I have to agree mate they are a rarity to me in the Fylde and surrounding areas. Problem now that you say you wouldn't mind looking at the Docklands ones..... I aint seen them for a week!!! I do know of 2 areas I have seen them so feel free to ask if before you ever head up there.