Sunday, 28 November 2010

Back pain and garden wildlife

Well after a planned weekend of clearing the front bedroom, moving units and helping Liz continue her "nesting" prior to baby's arrival.  It turned out to be one where I am currently walking like Dr Frankenstein's assistant Igor, due to moving a new couch into our living room with my brother.  As I sit here typing on my laptop with pains in my lower back and tops of my thighs, I'm looking out the window wishing I was all wrapped up and walking round my local nature reserve, that being Marton Mere......... instead

I am sat on the couch, with a hot brew beside me and gas fire on high while contemplating which pain relief to get down me, Anadin, Ibuprofen or Liz's Diazepam.  Before I do that I have already braved the cold to pour some warm water over the frozen homemade bird bath, placed sunflower hearts, varied bird seed, suet balls, bread and cheese on the bird table, plus scattered the same over the ground.  

It's that time of the year now where feeding and drinking is difficult for our hardy garden birds and within no time of me walking back in the house they proved me right but devouring what I had placed on the bird table.  Yep the Starlings were out in force LOL.  People seem to hate these birds and I have no idea why, they are a fantastic little thing to watch, so entertaining and feisty, like watching closing time at your local pub.  While the doorman Robin just watched them argue, bicker and once they had moved along dropped down to the ground to have its fill of cheese and seed.  Wren was also present, also solitary Dunnock and Great Tit, a few Blackbirds flitting around in the neighbours tree's but to be honest its pretty quiet in the garden, something that I have noticed quite alot lately, then again it has been a bumper year for berries.  Maybe the main reason its quiet, we'll see as the winter goes on.

Well best get these painkillers taken, may head out as need to keep this back in motion (why do they say that!?) and wouldn't mind seeing the Great Northern Diver that has been up at Fleetwood Boating Lake for the past few weeks.  COME HERE DRUGS!!!!

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