Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The lunch break pick me up!!

River Ribble (Nelson Way) - 23/11/2010

Once again headed down to the quiet spot near Nelson Way(river side) on my lunch break, this time with Eric a colleague from work to prove to him that there was some Bullfinches around there (see am not the only one who thinks they aren't common!!!).

Tide was going out but not much around the edges of the Ribble. Widgeon seem to have returned but to be honest I can't remember even seeing them around there last year. Ripples in the water were confusing the hell out of me as hey, you never know what could be causing them... could of been an Otter, Brown Rat... but no it was the Cormorants chasing fish under the water. I mean how the hell they swallow such huge fish, catch, swallow, dive down for more, numerous puns but not going down that road.

Further down the path behind the train works, as soon as I thought would the Bullfinches make an appearance they decided to bolt straight in front of us and fly off to a distant tree!! DAMN YOU!! But with a quick look we both noticed that instead of the two I saw the previous day, we had three Bullfinches, one male and two females. Giving thoughts to possible breeding pairs.  May attempt to take some shots if they make a reappearance today (24/11/2010).

Anyway not much else to mention except for the flock of Canada Geese and a possible albino or domestic mixed in with them.

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