Monday, 21 February 2011

My wife the comedian bought me a gift!!!

Well this is what happens when my wife decides she is going to be a comedian for the day. She has obviously got used to the fact that alot of my life has been dedicated to a huge interest in wildlife, with birds being top of the list.  The days of me saying "I saw a Great Tit today" and Liz then pointing out that I must of been looking at myself in the mirror are gone and she now no longer sniggers at the mere mention of the any bird called Tit.

Then out of the blue the other day Liz walked into the living room to say she had bought me a gift.  Knowing that she had been to Tesco I thought it could be only one thing, the one treat that I cannot get enough of, no not reduced priced beer but Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  To my shock it wasn't this wonderful treat but a pair of boxer shorts.

While doing the weekly shopping trip and walking past the clothing section these jumped at Liz, her eyes lit up and she knew instantly that they had to be purchased.  Therefore with a smirk on her face I peered into the bag and instantly smirked myself, now I know they weren't designed for my hobby in mind but they definitely work in both context... what do you think?

Liz's comedy gift


  1. Hey Neil, I felt slightly pervy clicking on the thumbnail to enlarge the photo, but click on it I did.



  2. Hahaha nice one fellas, I must admit they are pretty awesome

  3. Nice one Liz - atleast he can rely on his work colleagues not to take the micky out of him. Mail To: "all staff" have you seen Neil's special pants.....ha ha. Got a stonking view of a peregrine swooping and diving at Marshside late this afternoon. Beats the pants of anything else...oops !

  4. Hi Neil struggling to email you from work so have to go by this route. Have a look at Colin B's blog here
    for some good comparative gull shots inc some good ylg pics.